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The Stories of Bogey (ePub/Kindle)

The Stories of Bogey (ePub/Kindle)

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The Stories of Bogey is the memoir of author, Jody J. Sperling, told unlike any memoir you've read before. It's braided form explores the author's life during the deepest grief of his life. He's a young married man with two, soon to be three sons, a daughter, and a wife he loves deeply. Woven into his own story of fighting for publication is the novelized stories of Bogey, his not-so-fictional uncle.As the book progresses, the line between the novel-in-progress and the life of the author blurs until the climactic moment when Jody is forced to confront a life-altering tragedy he's only tried to bury. Equal parts factual memoir and true novel, The Stories of Bogey will resonate with anyone who's ever lost a loved one and feels responsible for that loss.


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