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Paperback Starter Set (4 Paperbacks)

Paperback Starter Set (4 Paperbacks)

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About the series:

Boozy adventures splashed in dark humor, with a twist of magical mayhem.

Luke and Lyle hung their shingle as private eyes after finding a lost kid. It was mostly downhill from there.

Then Marva DeLonghi walked into their office. She was trouble, but nothing catastrophic starts in Omaha, Nebraska…or does it? Follow these adventures to see how Luke and Lyle careen off the rails of the city on the hunt for answers as Marva DeLonghi wrecks havoc in her wake without lifting a finger.

Podcast host of the international smash TRBM, Jody J. Sperling has over thirty years experience teaching arts and marketing. He's also an award-winning author who brings all of his real-life experience to Luke and Lyle's cases. You'll swirl around her bottle of bourbon, and go up in smoke with her perpetual cigarette as she chases the darkest mysteries imaginable.


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