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Book 1 - The 9 Lives of Marva DeLonghi (Paperback)

Book 1 - The 9 Lives of Marva DeLonghi (Paperback)

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In a world where death is just the beginning, Luke and Lyle, two unlikely Private Investigators, find themselves trapped in a dangerous game. When Marva DeLonghi seeks their help to escape a relentless pursuer, they dive headfirst into a web of intrigue and betrayal.

As each death brings a new beginning, Luke alone carries the weight of their past lives, driven by the burning desire to solve the mystery that binds them. With gritty determination and a touch of luck, they unearth dark secrets that threaten Marva's life, and their own elusive freedom.

In The 9 Lives of Marva DeLonghi, a tantalizing journey through relentless rebirths unravels the truth, testing the limits of loyalty, trust, and the will to survive. Can Luke and Lyle outwit their merciless fate and safeguard Marva, or will their tangled destinies be forever sealed in a sinister cycle of death?


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